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Support Women Victims of Domestic Violence - مساعدة لنساء ضحايا من العنف والتعنيف المنزلي

Domestic violence?

What is domestic violence?

The term domestic violence describes violence, which takes place inside a joint household. The term is generally used for violence between (married) partners but it can also imply e.g. violence to children and siblings or violence used by children against their parents. Domestic violence can be physical, psychological or sexual.

physical psychological sexual
hitting, throwing items, biting, retching etc. insulting, threatening, confining, incapacitating (e.g. forbidding to have a bank account, forbidding to go out, control etc.), manipulating etc. forcing into sexual intercourse, forcing into prostitution etc.

Domestic violence does not only occur on the edges of society. It is a problem in society as a whole. It concerns women and men, hetero- and homosexuals, married and unmarried and so on. It concerns all strata of education and social milieu.

Domestic violence does not come along with disagreement or separation; it results from an unbalanced proportion of power already in the beginning of a relationship. The partner who is more dominant uses (domestic) violence to show his/her power and influence on the less dominant partner. As women are usually physically weaker and also socially inferior in some societies, they suffer more frequently from domestic violence.

Domestic violence does not only concern the own household!