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Support Women Victims of Domestic Violence - مساعدة لنساء ضحايا من العنف والتعنيف المنزلي


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The charitable organization Betna e.V. stands up for women, and their children, in Egypt who suffer domestic violence and/or who have been exposed to an unwanted relationship of dependence. Together with those women and children we want to create prospects of shelter, trust, protection and feeling of security.

This is also expressed by the organization’s Egyptian name: “Betna” means “our house”.

Our first step is to launch an emergency hotline for those seeking help. The hotline will be the first possibility of contact. We want to show opportunities and prospects and arrange for contacts with doctors, lawyers, psychologists etc. Thus, we want to help them to help themselves. We cooperate with the Egyptian women’s rights organization ADEW to make this possible. ADEW runs a battered women’s shelter in Egypt, which is located close to Cairo and the only one that is really used.

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